11 paper heart ornaments tutorial

11 paper heart ornaments tutorial

Paper hearts is a perfect and simple way to decorate your house however you may give as Valentine’s day gift or embellish wedding table or just spend a funny time with your kids while you prepare them.

Not incidental that paper decoration may prepared from scrap paper as well (eg. news paper or wrapping material) and you can do a little for the enviromental protection.


All of these Heart Projects are made with paper and I know we all have lots of paper lying around the house. Honestly some thechnics are quite easy but there is difficult schemes as well, for instance origamy is spectacular but needs to feel the taste of this logic. I collected some showy hearts tutorial starting from the easy and fast methods ending with very attractive but a little difficult works.


Lets see the tutorials...

1. Paper heart garland from torigrantdesigns.com

2. 3D paper heart from hoosierhomemade.com

3. Paper heart garland from greenweddingshoes.com

4. Handmade heart doilies marthastewart.com



5. Paper heart garland from colourherhope.com

6. Paper heart Christmas ornament from craftideas.info

7. Heart baskets from gingerbreadsnowflakes.com



8. Hanging heart from papermatrix.wordpress.com

9. Hanging heart from papermatrix.wordpress.com

10. Hanging heart from papermatrix.wordpress.com

11. Hanging heart from papermatrix.wordpress.com


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