Paper napkin ring ideas for Holidays

Paper napkin ring ideas for Holidays

Making paper napkin rings is quite easy, excellent activity with your kids during Holidays and not least the supplies are cheap and reusable.

Ideal for everything from kids birthday parties, dinner parties and even wedding receptions. Crafts like this keep the kids busy while you tend to the menu and are decorative table art too. I show you here some ideas for Holidays such as Halloween, St Patricks day, Easter, Baby shower, 4th July, Thanksgiving and Christmas but the variation is unlimited you needs to combine only the forms and colors.

This size is created for paper napkin, the diameter is small. If you want to use for cloth napkin just increase the size of rings. Other ideas you can do are to adhere jewels, or paint an initial as a monogram. Decorate with patterned designs with glitter glue. Wrap ribbon around the ring to fancy it up at and make it more elegant.

How to make it step by step? Just watch video tutorials here.

paper napkin ring ideas for Holidays


Supplies you need:

  • colored drawing paper (medium hard cardboard)
  • scissors normal and zig-zag optional
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • silk ribbon, take care of being a bit wider than adhesive tape
  • decor clips, if you cant buy this just cut it from colored paper like in case of Easter I did.
  • ladybug sticker
  • pattern, pdf template is available here


naokin ring free craft pattern for holiday napkin ring free craft pattern for holiday


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