Pot painting with Mexican motif

Pot painting with Mexican motif

Terracotta flower pots are fun and decorative to paint. It's a great activity to do with your friends and children because these are simple technics and we used acryl and enamel paints.

Painting is the art in which colours and lines make a visual impression. Painting can be fun, and apart from painting on the traditional canvas you could decorate glass, ceramic, pots and fabric with painted designs. Not only brushes but knives, spatula, nibs and even twigs could be used for painting designs.

So here I decided to make something blue and yellow flower pots to feel the taste of water and sunshine in my room. In that way you can decorate with simple Greek motifs such as meander (is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif). OR can be used more sophisticated Mexican sun and flower motifs as well.


Materials required:

  • terracotta flower pot 6 pieces
  • enamel paint blue color 0.25 l
  • brush (2-3 cm wide)
  • paper brochure cover the table
  • rubber gloves
  • diluent to wash the brush
  • mexican motifs
  • carbonless copy paper
  • pen
  • acryl, waterbased paints (see the colors here)
  • watercolor brushes (01 and 03 sizes)

Mexican motif color scheme:

color scheme pot painting



  1. To begin with, find a dust-proof place which you can use for days because drying time takes a few hours.
  2. Cover the table with paper and use rubber gloves as the enamel paint can drop.
  3. Paint the raw terracotta pot with the chosen color of enamel paint (in my case it was the cerulean) it will the base coat.
  4. Store the brush in diluent avoiding to dry the paint into brush.
  5. Let it dry the pots at least 4-6 hours and repeat with the secondary coat. 
  6. Let the paint dry again 4-6 hours.
  7. Find a suitable sized motif and print it. Than make a copy of motifs' outline to the pot with pen and carbonless copy paper. You don't need to draw the small details.
  8. Start to paint with base colors such as orange, green, terracotta and after drying time (5-10 minutes) continue to depict the small details and outlines with white and black. 
  9. The flower is painted with two different tones of red.

pot painting with mexican motif

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