Wedding themes - Red

Wedding themes - Red

Since red is the color of love, it is perfect for a wedding! Red is vibrant and can work well in all seasons, of course, it is especially appropriate for a winter or spring wedding depends on with which color you combine.

wedding themes red color scheme

You will find that red can be a warm red or a cool-tone red. There isn’t a huge difference in the cool tone vs. warm tone and you probably can even get away with mixing them. If you want to pair a color with red, here are some colors that you may want to consider.

The best way to choose a color you really love for your primary wedding color – you can’t go wrong. Then choose a second color you love and find a way to make those colors work together. Choose a maximum of three colors and have them in unequal proportions – the main color (about 70%) plus a supporting color (about 25%) plus an accent color (about 5%). Remember, the greater the quantity of a particular color, the more the psychological impact will be. Red will create a warm and stimulating mood at your wedding with high energy and lots of action. The deeper the red, the more subdued the energy and the more sophisticated it is. Burgundy, which is red with some black or dark purple in it, is controlled passion and energy. Maroon, which is red with blue in it, is a more conservative color involving thoughtful action and passion. The esiest to apply red in bouquets and dresses but much more unique if you wear a red jewel, tiara, ribbon, lace or shoe.


wedding themes red


There are some old English superstitions around using red and white for wedding colors. These superstitions say that any combination of red and white, including flowers, should be avoided because they represent blood and bandages–not the best symbols for a wedding. If you are not superstitious then take no notice of this.


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