Wedding themes Chair sashes

Wedding themes Chair sashes

The beautifully draped chairs with sating ribbons, bow and chic pearls are the sign of the sophisticated taste and elegant style.

Make your wedding chairs extra special by adding a decorative accent to the back of each one, like a pretty sash and bow in a preferred color. Even if you have a limited budget, you are still able to add the feel of luxury and unique style by attiring just the key chairs. A great way to save money on your wedding décor is to do some of the work yourself. Rental items, like chair covers, are an excellent example of DIY decorating. You will, of course, have to recruit some family and friends to help out but with a few extra hands, the job will be done in no time. 150 covers/sashes takes approx. 1.5 hours jobs with 3-4 people. The more expensive the fabric, the higher the cleaning and pressing costs, therefore, the higher the rental rate. Although these specialty linens are beautiful, keep in mind that your main objectives are to cover the chairs and to give the room a uniform look. Regardless of which fabric you go with, your end result will be nice.

Why should you decorate wedding chairs?

  • Chair covers will instantly transform the room.
  • They add elegance, formality and uniformity
  • They are great for covering unattractive chairs.
  • You can colour coordinate your decor without having to worry about clashing with the colour of your venues chairs.
  • Chair covers complete the look. A room decorated without them looks unfinished.
  • They are the first thing people notice when they walk into the room. They make an instant impression and set the tone for entire night.
  • DIY chair covers can reduce wedding budget! Feel free to opt for the multiple-color palette as the main zest of welcoming your guests on their seats.



Ways of using staffs to garnish wedding chairs:

  • Ribbons: apply the long ribbons for creating the decorative arch or tie it in the big fancy bow.
  • Lace: to make more romantic and vintage style your wedding add some lace and pearl to chair decoration.
  • Fabrics: take the fabrics of the wider length that would conform to the wedding theme and drape it neatly on the back of the chair. You may tie crosswise or just drop between grids. Complement it with the sparkling brooch.
  • Flowers: you may either place a single flower on each chair’s backrest or hang the flowers and leaves in the form of garlands.
  • Guests’ name cards: it would be nice to personalize each chair in order to avoid the confusion with seats among guests and make them feel special. Simply create the name plates on card stock. Afterwards, place them on the backs of the chairs using the satin or velvet ribbons let through the holes in the cards.
  • Accents: the floral nosegay looks very refined and chic when being attached to the corner of the chairs.
  • Asymmetrical Sash: Embellish classic chiavari chairs with an asymmetrical sash tied in a pretty bow.
  • Floor-Length Drape: A simple, draped piece of cream-colored fabric is an elegant contrast to the black chiavari chairs.
  • Woven: Another unique reception-chair idea would be to weave fabric through the back of the chair to create an intricate, woven look.
  • Striped: Floor-length striped sashes are a striking way to decorate the ceremony space — to make an impact, all you really need are sashes for the very last row.
  • Shell: if you like to arrange coastwise wedding theme just add colorful shell to white or blue ribbons.
  • Spandex fitted covers offer a sleek, modern look. These covers are made of 4 way stretchable fabric (lycra or similar) and are installed to fit over the entire chair, including the feet.
  • Drop covers are excellent for stacking banquet chairs. Currently the most popular style, they can be a straight fit from top to bottom, pleated at the back or gathered at the seat for a skirted look, the size is important here
  • Self tie covers (also known as "hugs") are an excellent choice all around because they pretty much fit anything (again no arm chairs). They work on stacking banquet chairs, as well as many folding and oversized chairs.





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