Top 10 wine regions of the World

Top 10 wine regions of the World

France is the world’s biggest wine producer in 2014. China is the world’s biggest producer of grapes (but not of wine). These were some of the conclusions of the world wine statistics presented at the recent OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) congress.

Last years France and Italy competes for the top spot among the world’s wine producing countries. Over the last few decades world wine production and consumption have shifted from “traditional” countries to “new” wine countries. World vineyard surface is decreasing but grape production is going up with the fact that Europe’s production is in decline. However the top 3 major wine regions of the world are France, Italy and Spain, they produce almost half of all the wine produced globally. In additon there are just 10 countries producing 80% of the wine on the planet.


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While France and Italy compete for the top wine production region of the world they are also reducing wine production every year. Spain is home to the largest vineyard acreage and produces the highest volume of Tempranillo in the world. China now has the second-largest vineyard area worldwide after Spain, pushing France into third position. So than what is the reason that China’s wine production reached only 8th position on the wine map? More vineyards doesn’t necessarily equate to more production – much of China’s vineyard area is used for cultivating table grapes and dried fruit it means the world’s biggest grape producer is China.

90% of wine from the United States is from California, it is home to the world’s largest wine producer, Gallo, in Modesto, CA. Chile is proud of the red wine variety Carmenere, known as the ‘lost varietal’ of Bordeaux. German wine is known for their aromatic white wines. South Africa has long been known for its Chenin Blanc and produces the largest volume of Brandy in the world. Australia relies primarily on the wine export market, is expanding their wine marketing in Hong Kong and Asia.


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