Madrid San Miguel Market

Madrid San Miguel Market

Madrid’s San Miguel Market located in heart of the city and is an amazing iron building which has become a site of cultural interest, however it is more than hundred years old.

The harmonious combination of glass and metal lets the sun shine into the building and create a magical atmosphere by walking around hundreds of people a day.



Even locals and tourists may comfortably sit on tall stools that surround the main stands. This Market is running like Spanish gastronomic treasures. All the most delicious smoked hams, Iberian ham and codfish, fresh pasta, cheeses, seafood, pastries and other baked goods, the famous gazpacho, meats, vegetables, scallops, fruit juices, traditional breads, mushrooms, pickles, a yogurt stand and another that sells paella, and even a bookstore and souvenir shop. You will enjoy to have a rest and a lunch or dinner during your city tour. You will never forget this teeming place with hundreds of tapas, soup, drinks and whatever you want to eat.



Galician Percebes (in the rigth side above) are gooseneck barnacles that grow only on rocks with heavy surf. There are only a few regions that they can be cultivated, including the Rias Altas region of Galicia. If you can cook them in actual sea water, that’s best. Otherwise, buy some sea salt and mix 70 grams (approximately 3.8 tablespoons) of sea salt per liter of water. You want just enough water to cover the barnacles in your pot. You can optionally throw in a bay leaf, too.

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Pasta is not the first thought when talking about Spanish cuisine, but there is a long history of pasta, especially in the region of Catalonia. Fideua is a paella like dish, made from thin noodles instead of rice. Another way of defining characteristics of bars all over Spain is the wide range of variety of pickles served. From the traditional banderillas (skewers of olives, gherkins, pickled onions and chili) to olives stuffed with gherkins, pickled garlic and chili.


Cream Catalana is prepared from egg yolk, flour, sugar and flavored milk with lemon/orange and. Top of the cream is glazed with caramelized sugar. The French crème brulee is similar to this. Fried Padron peppers with garlic is a typical tapas in Spain. Padron peppers are sweet and flavorful, while only a few of them can be quite hot, making eating them a culinary Russian roulette. They are not only a gastronomic pleasure, but a lot of fun too.

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