Calendar months - Flash card free printables

Calendar months - Flash card free printables

Teach your kids the name and order of months trough this colorful gripping calendar. This set of flash card game gives funny monents while children memorize the months of the year easily.

It is recommended to teach calendar months to 5-6 years old kids. Tell some stories about pictures and engage kids attention during learning process. Simply download pdf and print out a card game below. Nursery rhymes help kids learn vocabulary and also early counting skills. This rhymes is fun and can help settle kids on a car trip or during bath time as well as providing a bed time routine. Passing your favourite nursery rhyme to your kids may well be a family tradition, but that doesnt mean there arent lots of modern nursery rhymes to add to your collection, too. I seleted Sara Coleridges poem, who was the daughter of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. She grew up around great poets and wrote mainly childrens poetry which was published and popular in her lifetime. Her poem "The Months" is a nice catalogue of the months of the year.


The Months by Sara Coleridge

  • January brings the snow; Makes our feet and fingers glow.
  • February brings the rain; Thaws the frozen pond again.
  • March brings the wind so cold and chill; Drives the cattle from the hill.
  • April brings us sun and showers; And the pretty wildwood flowers.
  • May brings grass and leafy trees; Waviang in each gentle breeze.
  • June brings roses, fresh and fair; And the cherries ripe and rare.
  • July brings the greatest heat; Cloudless skies and dusty street.
  • August brings the golden grain; Harvest time is here again.
  • Mild September brings us more; Fruit and grain, for winter store.
  • Brown October brings the last; Of ripening gifts, from summer past.
  • Dull November brings the blast; Down from the trees the leaves fall fast.
  • Cold December ends the rhyme; With blazing fires and Christmas time.

Game set up

If you would like to make your cards more durable you may want to:

  • print them on heavier weight paper
  • print on regular paper and glue it to a frozen juice can lid (you can store in a pringles container)
  • print on regular paper and glue it to light cardboard before your cut the cards out
  • laminate them
  • cut the cards
  • 5-7 years old children can create a history or the little ones just narrate what are doing exactly the kids on the pics
  • other funny activity to recite the rhyme during pick out and show the fitting card of the month

Note: these free printables are under copyright, created by, design by Usage only for personal and educational purpose!

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download pdf

flash card free printables calendar months


calendar month flash card free printable

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