Cat and dog - Memory game free printables

Cat and dog - Memory game free printables

Cute Cats and Dogs Memory Game is a classic board/card matching game.

It helps to develop memory skills of everyone for all ages, improve your toddlers' brain recognition and concentration. With this simple and intuitive cards, children can train their brain while playing, and adults can improve their memory by this addictive practice. It is great for the road, kindergarten and at home. It may keep your kids entertained for hours, just take a rest whenever you can!


  • Adorable cats and dogs and their outfits, artistic animal illustration
  • Exercise your memory with 2 sets which contains 12 different cards
  • It's Free! Free version comes with very subtle and limited ads banner to support our development

Game set up:

  • Print the picture cards and creative kitchen backgound sheet on douplex, if you want.
  • Laminate cut cards to give them longer play life if you like.
  • Each pdf set contains 6 pairs of Hannukah related cute cards and creative kitchen cover page.
  • Cut the cards and lay all cards face down, then find the matching pairs.
  • Turn on always 2 cards and if not matching turn down and choose another pair. Try to memorize where did you find the pair previously.

Note: these free printables are under copyright, created by, design by Usage only for personal and educational purpose!


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download pdf

matching memory game free printable cat


download pdf

matching memory game free printable dog

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