Easter - Alphabet board game

Easter - Alphabet board game

This printable alphabet board game leads to funny Alphabet Review and your kids can learn easily the letters.

To refresh your preschooler’s memory of letter recognition in general, as well as knowing the uppercase and lowercase alphabet and getting to know some of the letters sounds.

Board games allows you to spend quality, intentional, and uninterrupted time with your children. There is a time for winning and a time for losing, children should frequently experience both to learn how to handle the triumphs and disappointments that will inevitably come later in life. Playing together as a family has offered us a perfect opportunity to teach little ones how to handle his feelings of disappointment in a positive way. Board games are excellent for your child’s cognitive development.  Even the simplest of board games includes some type of strategy as well as counting, color recognition, matching, and more! Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. 

Game set up:

  • Print the A/4 sheets of the board game and stick them in the middle to be A/3 size.
  • Laminate to give them longer play life if you like.
  • You will need a dice. Throw and step on the letters.
  • When you land on a letter you say the letter, it’s sound, and a word that starts with that letter.
  • You could play this any way that you want, just naming the letter or sound.
  • If your child can't tell the word or the letter, just step back 3.
  • If she is landing on candies, just give her a pieces of gift.
  • If she is landing on easter symbols, she can throw one more time!
  • The winner who finishes first the Alphabet.

Download free A/4 PDF here.

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