Paper crafts – Bird and heart garland

Paper crafts – Bird and heart garland

Paperwork is funny and easy job for kids and last but not least enough fast to make the crafts immediately.

You may use photo carton purchased in paper shop or colored paper package used in schools usually.

Your child needs help because of small gaps like wing and tail on pattern, but you can decide on not to cut these small pieces too.

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What you’ll need:

  • Photo carton A/4 size
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Punch
  • Wallpaper catting
  • String
  • Bird pattern (you can download here)
  • Printer


  1. Download the pattern
  2. Put the colored paper into the printer
  3. Print the pattern as many copy as you want, each piece of paper is containing 3 birds
  4. Cut the birds with scissors and the wing, tail and the neb with wallpaper cutting.
  5. The eyes and dots are formed with punch.
  6. So the birds are ready to use. You can make a garland or write names on it and use as place cards in a birthday party.
  7. You can prepare hearts from scrap paper. At first you need to cut different width and length strips.
  8. Folded in half them and put them together in descending order of length.
  9. Pin the stripes in the middle – all in one - twist them and pin again on the other side.


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