Tale - Bingo card free printable

Tale - Bingo card free printable

BINGO is such a classic kids’ game. This is an adorable tale BINGO offered to prescoolers. Tale BINGO includes 12 set of different fairy tale cards and 12x6 pieces calling cards and CreativeKitchen cover cards.

Simply print, cut, laminate, and PLAY! Instant Download, Personal & Classroom Use for free. You can also print the calling cards twice and play as Memory card and Board games or Flash card learning the name of fairy-tale heros. Check out our pages for more BINGO, Memory card  and Board games for free!

BINGO is a great way to promote the development of children’s executive functioning skills which are controlled by the frontal cortex of the brain, and they are integral to the development of important skills like as impulse control.

What you'll need:

  • Tale BINGO Templates
  • Tale BINGO Call Card set of 1-12 in one PDF file
  • Coins, bean, knob etc. to use as card markers or print CreativeKitchen cover cards as many times players needed
  • Scissors
  • A container to draw from (hat, bucket, or pan) the BINGO cards

How to play cleaning BINGO:

  • Print out the templates and call cards.
  • Cut apart the call card so that each picture is on one piece.
  • Stick the cover cards to the back of red BINGO cards. Place each piece into a container.
  • Distribute to the participants one of the BINGO call cards and 6 pices of card marker.
  • Have one person be the "caller". The caller should pick one piece out of the hat and call it out to the rest of the players.
  • If your card has an image on it that matches the one called out, cover it with a marker.
  • When you have a pattern that matches the preset winning pattern call out "Bingo" and you win!

Note: these free printables are under copyright, created by ck-creativekitchen.com, design by vecteezy.com. Usage only for personal and educational purpose!


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Tale BINGO call card

download pdf

tale bingo card free printable

Tale BINGO card

download pdf

tale bingo card free printable

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