Scone stuffed with bacon and corn

Scone stuffed with bacon and corn
  • 80 Dekagram (dkg) flour
  • 5 Decilitre (dl) milk
  • 1 Tea spoon (tsp) sugar
  • 1 Table spoon (tbsp) salt
  • 5 Dekagram (dkg) yeast
  • 2 Decilitre (dl) oil
  • 6 Table spoon (tbsp) sour cream
  • 2 Piece garlic cloves
  • 2 Piece red onion
  • 30 Dekagram (dkg) bacon or ham
  • 30 Dekagram (dkg) corn seeds
  • 2 Table spoon (tbsp) sour cream
  • 1 Piece egg yolk
  • 2 Table spoon (tbsp) seeds (sesame, sunlfower, flax)

season: Whenever

occasion: 4Family, 4Holidays

origin: Innovation




This yeast cake was prepared as party appetizer and offered once my guests arrived. It reduces the appetite before lunch morover can be accompaniment to a glass of wine. Preparing this stodgy scone a little bit time consuming, but the outcome is very delicious and spectacular. First take 1 dl tepid milk, add a little bit sugar and yesat than set aside for 5 minutes. Than put the flour, salt, oil and other 4 dl tepid milk into a large bowl and add the yeast mixture. Knead a dough and cover with a dish cloths and set aside into a warm place for 50 minutes.


While the yeast dough rises prepare the filling. Cut the onion, garlic and bacon for similar small sizes and simmer on a table spoon oil only 5-10 minutes. When this was cooled down mix with sour cream and corn seed. If the bacon was not enough salted just add a teaspoon salt also. Once the dough leavened put on a floured board and roll out approx 1 cm thick. Cut two equal rectangle from the dough and disperse the filling evenly on it, except 2 cm far from the edges. Roll the dough as a roulade and cut 4 cm triangles with a knife. The higher peak of triangle should be 1 cm wide, while the lower leg is 4 cm.


Put these triangles on baking paper and grease with a mixture prepared from sour cream and egg yolk. Strew the top of scone with seeds as you like. Here I used sunflower seed but you can mix sesame, flax seeds or poppy seed. Let it on room temperature 15-20 minutes and bake it on 180-160 Celsius degree for 25 minutes until getting browned.

Conversion equivalents

Officially, a US Cup is equal to 240 ml or
8 fluid ounces ½ pint or 16 tablespoon.
1 cup of
fluid onces
Fluid - water & milk 240 8.0
Butter 226 8.0
All purpose flour 125 4.4
Confectioners sugar 125 4.4
Cocoa powder 118 4.2
White sugar granulated 200 7.1
Honey, Syrup 340 12.0
Vegetable oil 218 7.7
Table salt 273 9.6
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