Pasta con aglio, olio e pepperoncino

Pasta con aglio, olio e pepperoncino
  • 40 Dekagram (dkg) pasta (farfalle or spaghetti)
  • 4 Piece garlic cloves
  • 2 Table spoon (tbsp) parsley chopped
  • 2 Piece red chili
  • 4 Table spoon (tbsp) olive oil
  • 2 Tea spoon (tsp) salt
  • 4 Dekagram (dkg) pecorino cheese, grated

season: Whenever

occasion: 4Family

origin: Traditional (National&Religious)



Spaghetti aglio e olio is a simple, classic italian pasta dish you can prepare easily because needs only few basic ingredients. Put a pot of water on at high that is big enough to handle the pasta. Add a couple of teaspoons of salt. Put a high sided pan, that is big enough to handle the pasta when cooked, on at medium low and add 4 tablespoon good extra virgin olive oil. Chop finely 4 large cloves of garlic and small handful of fresh parsley and chili. Add the garlic to the oil and watch that it doesn’t get brown (2-3 minutes). You want the garlic to be translucent not browned. After the Garlic has softened up a little add the chili and continue toasting for 2 minutes than add chopped parsley (or arugula or spinach) to the pan and stir it all together. When the pasta is cooked al dente pick it out of the pot with tongs or a big fork and spoon or whatever and put it in the pan. Don’t worry about getting some of the pasta water in in fact you will want to add a couple of tbsp. to the pan after you get the pasta in. The starch in the water helps thicken the sauce. Transfer it to a warm bowl and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then top it off with a little grated parmesan and serve up your Pasta aglio e olio.

Conversion equivalents

Officially, a US Cup is equal to 240 ml or
8 fluid ounces ½ pint or 16 tablespoon.
1 cup of
fluid onces
Fluid - water & milk 240 8.0
Butter 226 8.0
All purpose flour 125 4.4
Confectioners sugar 125 4.4
Cocoa powder 118 4.2
White sugar granulated 200 7.1
Honey, Syrup 340 12.0
Vegetable oil 218 7.7
Table salt 273 9.6
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