Wedding themes - Pom pom ideas

Wedding themes - Pom pom ideas

Paper flowers or pom poms have long been an effective way to brighten up and decorate any room. Pom poms have become increasingly popular at wedding chics due to their homespun look and a cheaper alternative to other more pricey decorations.

Wedding decorations are usually influenced by theme, color, and budget or simply just to the bride and groom’s taste. The effect of these pom poms hanging from the ceiling is simply amazing. They completely took the look of these wedding to a new level. When placed over tables, vignettes or dancefloors, these inexpensive decor items underline the celebration. In today’s internet shopping abilities, it is easy to find unique shapes, sizes and color paper flowers or pom poms to match your wedding theme and color, you can buy them or even make them yourself (wooly versions) and (tissue paper versions). I think using more (3-4) colors and shades increase the harmony of these pom poms.

Tips for places and ways you can use pom poms:

  • wedding reception
  • hanging above table
  • hanging above dancefloor
  • hanging on trees in case of garden wedding
  • hanging in windows, making garlands
  • making bouquets to table decoration
  • making napkin rings
  • placing sitting card in it
  • garnish wedding car
  • decorating chairs
  • attiring bridesmaids cloths, wearing pom pom veils
  • garnish wedding cake with pom pom form


wedding pom pom ideas

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