Wedding themes - Vintage

Wedding themes - Vintage

The word “Vintage” usually stands for something elegant and rustic. When mentioned of vintage weddings, our minds were full of praising words like romance, glamour and elegance.

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Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. You would want to make it very special not just for you, but for your guests as well. Many love to have a theme for their wedding. If you have one, then you can make a big impression on everyone attending the wedding by going for a vintage wedding theme. This theme will make the occasion romantic and many of the guests would also love this concept.

You need to start with an style for the wedding and also decide on the music that suits this style. Once you have fixed it, make your decorations, food, location and attire to suit the style. Definitely, this wedding décor is going to make the wedding gets a vintage look just like what you want. When you want to choose this wedding décor, ensure that you combine it with vintage wedding dress. Alright, to make a vintage wedding decoration, you just need to place some vintage things such as vintage tables, vintage chairs, vintage centerpiece, and vintage wedding cake.

I made this color scheme above to help you to combine the different colors as part of vintage style. Once you decide on colors you need to choose motifs such as note, flowers, birds, cages, harvest, lace, fringe, old family pictures, picture frame, cans, pearls and jewels the variation is unlimited. I suggest to choose only one leitmotif and add some more elements but dont vary too much ornaments. I mean if you use bird cages for table decoration you may have a cage form cake and sitting and menu cards are garnished this cage motif as well.


wedding themes vintage


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