Stuffed grape leaves (Dolmades)

Stuffed grape leaves (Dolmades)
  • 26 Piece grape leaves
  • 1 Cup rice
  • 1 Piece onion
  • 2 Piece garlic
  • 2 Piece thyme branch
  • 1 Table spoon (tbsp) dill (dried)
  • 2 Tea spoon (tsp) salt
  • 1 Peck sugar
  • 1 Decilitre (dl) lime juice
  • 3 Table spoon (tbsp) olive oil
  • 2 Piece mint branch
  • 2 Peck black pepper grounded

season: Summer,Autumn

occasion: 4Family, 4Holidays, 4Gift

origin: Traditional (National&Religious)



Making dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with spicy rice) is easy. These taste better than any shop-bought variety.Wash the grape leaves and scald them in a bowl, cover and let it stay approx 5 minutes, than drain and dry them. With a knife cut the stems. Place off to the side.
Braise the chopped onion, garlic on 2 tablespoon olive oil and after 10-15 minutes add the rice, black pepper and salt too continue toasting. Add 2 cups of water and dried dill and cook it 10 minutes. Once the rice is semi soft remove from heat and let it cool down.
Lay out one grape leaf stem up, place about 1 rounded tablespoon rice mixture near stem. Fold stem up over mixture fold one side leaf over mixture, fold top over then roll the rest but not tight. This is just like making a burrito. Place in at least 1 gal pot.
Continue until all leaves are filled and snug in pot. If you run out of grape leaves that's okay, you can roll little balls of rice mixture and place in pot. Cover all stuffed leaves with chicken broth, lemon juiceand a tablespoon oil. Adding water if you don’t have enough broth, more broth if you have it on hand (you can use just water if you want). Put 2 branch of mint and a plate on top of grape leaves, this will avoid them to be opened. Bring the broth to a boil then turn heat to low, simmer and cook covered until tender (pierced with a fork) about 25 minutes. Let sit for about 10 minutes then serve. Remove plate and transfer stuffed leaves to a serving dish, pour some of the cooking liquid over the top and serve hot or at room temperature. I like it tart and rich so I use more lemon then the recipe calls for. You can store in refrigerator for days because it is perfect for dinner too.

Conversion equivalents

Officially, a US Cup is equal to 240 ml or
8 fluid ounces ½ pint or 16 tablespoon.
1 cup of
fluid onces
Fluid - water & milk 240 8.0
Butter 226 8.0
All purpose flour 125 4.4
Confectioners sugar 125 4.4
Cocoa powder 118 4.2
White sugar granulated 200 7.1
Honey, Syrup 340 12.0
Vegetable oil 218 7.7
Table salt 273 9.6
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