Wedding themes - Pastel

Wedding themes - Pastel

Pastels are so pretty for a wedding! It’s a sweet color palette and it works perfectly with vintage styling. Here we introduce you to the power of pastels with plenty of creative ideas for a pastel themed wedding. 

wedding color shceme pastel

When I hear the word pastel, I almost usually think of the light blush, peach and blue, but there’s something magical about the gorgeous muted pastel tones of these blooms that evoke romance in such a soft, sweet way and we love the way they contrast against the gray background. Now that we've covered the beautiful colours you can choose from, here are our 6 color tone ideas for the perfect pastel themed wedding you may combine. The beauty of pastel shades is the simplicity, either way it will certainly look elegant and pretty.

Blush would be the most popular choice of pastel shade wedding dresses. It has all the charm and elegance of a white dress, with an extra modern vintage feel. Chair covers are a lovely touch for your wedding ceremony with a simple ribbon and some pastel shade flowers (usually applied roses) will wow your guests and make your venue look stunning. Yellow-green is just right for a spring or summer wedding, which is both soft and glamorous especially when it combines to the natural beauty. A touch of brigth pink can highlight the pastel tones and gives some cheerfulness to your bouquet, table setting or cakes. The last but not the least one, peach is a relevant color component in your pastel palette which is perfect for dinnerware.  A pastel table runner will light up the room and make your tables look stunning. 

wedding theme pastel

The vintage candles are beautiful and a really quirky touch in perfect pastel pink. Pastel shade flowers are a stunning idea for decoration. They can be placed on the tables as centre pieces, petals to line your isle or decoration for the back of your chairs during the ceremony. You can find pastel coloured flowers easily in roses, tulips however be careful to combine different tones such as blush with yellow and peach, because the single color of pastel bouquets can be boring. You can either opt for one colour with different shades, or choose various pastel shades. As they are soft in tone, they all go together beautifully. Whether you are inside or out, pastel shade garlands will look amazing. You can even make them yourself with your favourite flowers, or cut out triangular shaped paper and have bunting. Who doesn't love sweets? No matter how old you are, sweets are always a must at a wedding! Pastel shade sweets look cute and are just as tempting. Especially macarons are the perfect choice as can be served in any colors.

Finally select some antique, old furniture just give perfect feminine shabby chic vibes to the room and combine with shiny silver composition such as frames, candlestick or tray. Silver makes really elegant your pastel decorations. 

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