Gozsdu Bazaar (GOUBA) and Kulturzsibi in Budapest

Gozsdu Bazaar (GOUBA) and Kulturzsibi in Budapest

GOUBA (Gozsdu Bazaar) and Kulturzsibi are weekend markets held at the beautifully restored Gozsdu Courtyard in Budapest.

Gozsdu Court is located in District 7, close to the city centre this area of 60,000 sqm has two entrances (Király str. 13 and Dob str. 16) and consist of 6 courts. Named after the Foundation of Romanian lawyer, Manó Gozsdu and built in 1901 by the plans of Gy‹z‹ Czigler (architect of the Széchenyi Baths as well).

GOUBA (Gozsdu Bazaar) is a weekly Sunday market held at the beautifully restored Gozsdu Courtyard, in the heart of Budapests Jewish quarter. Artisans sell handmade jewelry and home décor, traditional clothes, accessories, antiques such as old photo cameras, badges and garnitures from communism era, old toys, postcard and stamp collections. Its a great place to find unique gifts and souvenirs while being entertained by street performers and musicians. Opening hours: weekly crafts fair is held every Sunday from April to mid October, open 10 am to 7 pm, the entrance is free. (GOUBA facebook page find here)

Budapest used to have an antique, retro and contemporary flea market, called Nagy Budapesti Kultúrzsibi. It was held regularly in Erzsébet square, but as Akvárium club was renewed, they had to give the area back for the park. So Kultúrzsibi returns to Gozsdu court, every Saturday. From now on, the supply of goods expands with antiquities as well. Hopefully, the relationship between the Antik Market and Gozsdu court will be interest-bearing in both directions, so Kultúrzsibi could stay here for a long time too. (visit Kulturzsibi facebook page for more info).


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