Tips for romantic dinner the Preparations

Tips for romantic dinner the Preparations

When was the last time you had a romantic evening? You dont have to have a special occasion to host a romantic dinner for your valentine.

A romantic evening doesnt have to begin at sunset. Create a romantic setting at home, this involves selecting the perfect music, menu table setting and lighting. Image via

Here are some suggestions and steps to consider when planning a romantic night:

  • If the dinner wont be a surprise, consider giving your lover an invitation that you write yourself. Send the invitation by mail, leave it on your mates pillow, send it with a bouquet of flowers,
  • Get dressed up. If you plan a special themed dinner you can pick up according this. The role play makes you more exciting, choose some other than ordinary dress, jewel.
  • Get the table laid in advance and ensure youve got those little extra details - napkins, candles, champagne flutes and, if youre a real old-fashioned romantic, a scattering of rose petals. No need to purchase an expensive, thick tablecloth. Get creative with what you have on hand. Set the table with a tablecloth, cloth napkins, nice dinnerware, crystal, unscented candles, and flowers. The napkins can be rolled or folded in a pretty way. You can set floating candles in small glasses filled partly with cranberry juice. Decide on a leading color and harmonize the accessories around this color or theme.
  • Present your loved one with a little gift as you sup your aphrodisiacal coffee. A pretty box of truffles or a plate of heart-shaped biscuits are just the thing.

romantic dinner bonbon dessert

  • Decide on your romantic dinner menu. If you’re a good chef, show off your culinary skills by inviting your date over for dinner at home. If you don’t have your own recipes, follow a cookbook and prepare something your date will enjoy. Here are some suggestions and steps to consider when planning a romantic night. If you are culinary-challenged, you can still plan a romantic dinner at home for the two of you by either choosing simple recipes to follow or by purchasing some of the meal courses from a restaurant or store. When youre selecting your menu, think about adding some aphrodisiac ingredients, along with obvious ones like oysters, chocolate and wine, you may be surprised to know that pine nuts, fennel and vanillareputedly boost libido.
  • Dessert is the best part of the meal. Plan something yummy, but remember yummy does not have to mean extravagant. After a nutritious menu you may serve romantic fruits such as strawberry with chocolate or grapes, figs with cheese selection.
  • The music playing for your date night does not have to be bom-chicka-wah-wah type music. Choose the music you want to listen to ahead of time, and have soft romantic music playing in the background.
  • Have a plan on what you will do after dinner. You could take a moonlit walk together, watch a romantic movie, or dance to romantic music.

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