Hortobagyi palacsinta (pancake stuffed with stew)

Hortobagyi palacsinta (pancake stuffed with stew)
  • 1 Piece egg
  • 1 Cup flour
  • 1 Cup mineral water with gas
  • 1 Peck salt
  • 1 Table spoon (tbsp) oil
chicken or pork stew
  • 50 Dekagram (dkg) boneless chicken or pork meat
  • 1 Piece onion big
  • 2 Table spoon (tbsp) oil
  • 1 Tea spoon (tsp) sweet paprika powder
  • 3 Peck black pepper grounded
  • 2 Piece garlic cloves
  • 2 Decilitre (dl) sour cream

season: Whenever

occasion: 4Family

origin: Traditional (National&Religious)




Palacsinta is basically Hungarian crepes, filled with whatever you please and rolled up into a long tube. The exception to the dessert rule is found in Hortobágyi palacsinta, where pancakes are filled with a meat stew and served with a sauce made with paprika and sour cream. You may prepare 5-6 pices of pancake mixiningredients smooth and baking light in a preheated very hot pancake pan with some drop of oil.

chicken or pork stew

Brown the chopped onions, garlic and black pepper in the oil, then add the finely small spieces chopped meat and salt and saute for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add the sweet paprika powder, stir it and add 1-2 dl water to cover it. Continue to cook approx 30-50 minutes depends on the type of meet, it should be soft finally. Once you finished to cook the stew, remove most of the liquid and reserve.


Fill the meat into pancake and form triangles. Stir the stew liquid with 2 decilitre sour cream and a little salt if needs. Simmer for about 5 minutes and sprinkle the pancakes before serving with this sauce. Serve as a hot appetizer 2 pices by person.

Conversion equivalents

Officially, a US Cup is equal to 240 ml or
8 fluid ounces ½ pint or 16 tablespoon.
1 cup of
fluid onces
Fluid - water & milk 240 8.0
Butter 226 8.0
All purpose flour 125 4.4
Confectioners sugar 125 4.4
Cocoa powder 118 4.2
White sugar granulated 200 7.1
Honey, Syrup 340 12.0
Vegetable oil 218 7.7
Table salt 273 9.6
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